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Brand Origin & Italian Heritage

BORA180™  Spirit of the Adriatic

Touching the shores of Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania, the Adriatic is the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean Sea.


For centuries mighty Venice ruled the Adriatic Sea, propagating its power, commerce and arts along its coasts, and ultimately shaping a “Love of beauty” lifestyle that lasts to this day.


Bora, peaking at 180 km/h, is a wind unique and predominant in the region, where boat races of all categories are held throughout the year. Its name is rooted in mythology as it originates  from “Boreas”, the Greek God of the north wind.


Hence, BORA180™ was born. A brand that conveys the dynamism of its namesake wind and perfectly embodies the “Spirit of the Adriatic”: the combination of an active lifestyle with the love for nature and beauty so unique to the northern Mediterranean people.

The Emotion of an Inimitable Product

"Distinctive design. Outstanding performance."

At BORA180™ we want our products to truly serve the user. And we want the user to experience the emotion that only a unique design provides! BORA180™ products are Italian-designed. Their textures are a delight to touch. Colours that thrill the eyes; designs stemming from the eternal heritage of Italian arts; graphics that reminisce unique places and events: that is the of “Love of beauty” philosophy, the philosophy which prompts us to create truly unique collections.


Furthermore, we put our products to use in the most demanding racing conditions, focusing on details that are often overlooked.  By truly understanding what works and what doesn't we then go about re-thinking them in terms of features, functionality and materials.   The result? Distinctive design. Outstanding performance. Solid products.

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